Windows 7 is ready for October launch

There has been an announcement from Microsoft that Windows 7 has been given its final lick of paint and has been awarded its RTM or Release To Manufacturing status.

This indicates that the company has moved its focus to PC makers, disc printers and Microsoft servers in order to be able to materialize its October launch.

This day has taken a long time to come for the users Widows Vista as there have been polite promises of resolving everything that drove you to seething fury in Windows Vista by Windows 7.

Windows 7 will take less than an hour to boot up and won’t need a conceptual super-computer from the future to run. So, it is more or less Windows XP with a splash of Vista’s artistic design.

But Microsoft did not have to wait for quite long for Windows 7. it has been getting through nicely almost all the way through the production process, hitting all major deadlines. It was also pushed out of the beta stage pretty quickly as it was found to be so free from bugs.

But however less time it might have taken, the Vista disgruntlement has helped Apple to grab the entire market share. So with Windows 7, we hope Microsoft is able to lure its customers back and a plenty on interest has been shown by the pre-order deals. But lets keep our fingers crossed!