Keywords Usage and It's Importance in SEO

Keywords Usage and It's Importance in SEO

Wanna have best search engine optimization for your website? Then you cannot ignore the importance of keywords if you want a SEO optimized website. You can come across many keyword tools online through which you can get loads of useful information. Here you may find many different techniques that can be used. Do not hesitate to try the ones you feel are good or shortlist the ones complementing your web site's SEO needs.

Major search engines like Google , msn, yahoo, etc provide free keyword tools that can be used for research purposes. The importance of these keyword tools can be known by the fact that these are used by web masters to target specific keywords for getting more web traffic. The keyword tools helps in finding the relevant words or phrases related to your keywords.

You would also get an idea about the popularity level of the keywords that you are targeting. If you have any plans to use advertising, this tool would give an idea as to how much money would advertisers pay for a single word. Even if you have plans for advertising your site, these tools can save in money too. If you come across keywords that are very expensive, you can even choose cheap cost keywords.

Using long tail keywords is very beneficial from SEO point of view. Rather than entering short keyword or phrase, use multiple words most likely to be used by visitors in search engines to find your site.

Ideal keyword density is around 3-5% for articles, however there are many factors that influences the density level. Never commit the mistake of over stuffing the content with keywords for getting higher web rankings in search engines, as it is going to harm you in return and your site could get blacklisted. The major search engine Google is very strict for websites who are found cheating and misusing keywords over stuffing for higher ranking.

While writing the article use appropriate keywords that is most likely to be used by people to find your website. Moreover the topic selection for the article should be in relation with your website topic.

Usually links being tagged are the keywords that has been linked with your site or someone else's site. We exchange links with other websites when they either use specific keywords we want or have your site name at the place where they put the link. When we place your website link under click here icon, chances of visitors clicking on it increases.