How to get higher Quality score in Google adwords Pay per click

Before proceeding to know how to get higher Quality Scores, l, we need to understand how a quality score is calculated. Simply stated, a Quality Score is calculated every time your keyword matches a search query - or in other words, every time your keyword has the potential to trigger an ad.

Then, it is necessary to know why Quality Score is important. The Ad Rank รข€“ or the position an ad shows on a search result or across the content network - is determined by maximum cost per click and quality score. There is a widely accepted formula to arrive at the ad rank and the formula may be stated thus:

Ad Rank = [(keyword / ad group] quality score) X Max CPC]

Though somewhat confusing, one needs to understand that for search purposes, the keyword quality score is used and for content the ad group quality score is used. For keywords, every keyword has a quality score fixed to it. So, it is important to keep in mind when talking about ad copy as it will be associated with multiple keywords.

Here's the step by step instructions on adding your quality score column to your keyword view.

First, navigate to the keywords in your AdGroup. Next, click on the 'customize colums' option seen below.

This will let you see the drop down menu:

Click on 'Show Quality Score'. Your AdGroups will now look like this

A keyword's Quality Score influences its cost-per-click (CPC) that is, how much the advertiser is charged for a click on the ad when it is triggered by a keyword. The higher a keyword's Quality Score, the lower is its Cost per Click (CPC), and vice versa.

Quality Score also determines, in a way, if a keyword is eligible to enter the ad auction that occurs when a user enters a search query. Usually, the higher the Quality Score, the lower will be the applicable costs and the better your ad position. Every time one of your keywords matches a search query, the combined Quality Score and cost-per-click (CPC) bid is evaluated to see if it's eligible to enter the ad auction. Keywords with a higher Quality Score will be eligible to enter the auction more easily and at a lower cost.

On the keyword analysis page, there will be a metric called first page bid estimate, that means the CPC bid required for your ad to appear on the first page of Google search results - assuming the search query exactly matches your keyword. The estimate is obviously based on the Quality Score as well as the advertiser's competitors for that keyword. However, it is to be noted that succeeding in your first page bid is no guarantee of your ad placement which will depend on Quality Score, your CPC bid, your budget and user and advertiser behavior.

It is to be understood that ads are positioned on search pages and content pages depending on their Ad Rank. The ad with the highest Ad Rank obviously appears in the first position, and the other ads appear in the order of their rankings. For Google, to put it simply, the Ad Rank is determined by your keyword's Quality Score and (CPC) bid.