Search Engine Use by Operating System

Search engines have become important entry points for the Web today and life on the Internet without a search engine is unimaginable these days. So which is the most famous search engine that is providing users with best results. That's surely a tough question to answer but there is one notable fact: open source community prefers Google over Bing.

A survey was conducted by Chitika, an online advertising network to analyze search engine usage by operating system.

Here's what they say:

With the upswing in the number of Linux boxes (thank you netbooks and Dell) and as much interest we have in the search engine market, we at Chitika thought we’d take a look at the search habits of our open-source friends. We compared the OS and search engine data for 163,211,927 searches – a sample of the Chitika network’s search data from July 30th through August 16th – and the results were quite interesting. Check them out:

Sure, Google dominates search across all categories, but what’s surprising is that a whopping 94.61% of all Linux search traffic was from Google, compared with 78.54% of Windows user searches. Compare that with Microsoft’s new “decision engine” Bing, which is holding steady at about 8% of Windows users, but is getting practically no use whatsoever by Linux users – just 0.77% of Linux searches were from Bing. Even outdoes Bing for Linux users.