Firefox to follow the path of Chrome?

Some doubtfully Chrome like designs have been shown by the recently revealed mockups of Firefox 3.7 and 4.0.

A significant visual makeover seems to be the objective of Firefox. The Firefox UI has somewhat changed during its life, this can however, possibly be the most significant change by far.

The mockups for the Firefox 3.7 showcase using the Aero Glass effects present in Windows Vista and 7.

There is a glass effect on the entire navigation toolbar, and the tabs and looks much the same as the Internet Explorer. There is a tools and bookmarks button instead of the menu bar.

Going one step further, the designs of Firefox 4 integrate the search and location bar, and combine the stop, refresh and go buttons into one multifunction button. The loading process is displayed by the elegant green glowing “underline”.

Chrome is appreciated for its simplicity but not liked for the lack of functionality and extensibility it suffers from. But if the path of Chrome is taken up by Firefox, the best of both the worlds can be brought together.