Bing enters the list of World’s top 20 websites

It does not take much time to bring a service in to the coveted “worlds most visited” sites list once it is launched, and especially when it is a search engine and that too by Microsoft.

The cakewalk of breaking into the top 20 was managed by Bing in just a period of two months from its launch date.

All of you must have understood by now. Yes! Microsoft’s Bing, launched sometime in June, has now made its quiet entry into Alexa’s top 20 list but still remains behind the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

It is surprising that Bing’s erstwhile Avatar, Windows Live Search is still listed on Alexa’s “top 20″ page while Windows Live is dead for all practical purposes as going to redirects to Bing now.

It may have been able to place itself in the top 20 list but still remains far behind Google which maintains its number one position. Second place is occupied by Yahoo with Google’s YouTube taking the third place.