Cellular Companies - Sony Ericsson vs Nokia

Cellular Companies
Sony Ericsson vs Nokia

Sony Ericsson
Sony is the electronic company and Ericsson is the mobile communication company this is why combination of these companies are going to be the leading cell phone company, an other important thing is that these companies were in two highly developed companies in field of electronics and communication which are Japan and Swedish. Sony Ericsson Cellular company was establish to produce such leading cell phones in 2001, the head office of Sony Ericsson is in London and its research centers are in Sweden, Japan, China and United States of America. President Mr. Miles Flint and Vice President of Sony Ericsson are looking for to move this Cellular Company world’s best and beneficial company for their customers from every angle of rely and this motto is making this company a successful company in the field of handset mobiles.

Latest Innovations And Models Of Sony Ericsson
The biggest way of success for a company lies by providing the such productions which is the fashion and requirements of the people who use the Cell Phones and Sony Ericsson knows it well, in this light in2005/2006 Sony Ericsson introduced Walkman Cell Phones like W550, W700, W800, W810i, W900i, W910 as their sound using hands free force you not to use heavy and big sized woofers however with the interest of customers Sony Ericsson is producing small sized stereo sound system which is enough for a good size group of people so enjoy on picnics, traveling any where according to occasions. Recently in 2006 Sony Ericsson introduced Cybershot brand having 3.2 magapixel cameras, now coming soon cell phones are K790 and K800 will introduce to compete the N-series of Nokia.

Sony Ericsson Feature
In March 2002 Sony Ericsson introduced its first product now it has access of all aspects of cellular products and still advancing the technologies of cellular phones i.e in 2005 Sony Ericsson introduced walkman brands called as W-series furnished with high quality music and Sony Ericsson Ringtones, these were at least ten models at first still introducing new and newer models. Sony Ericsson cell phone F-series is mid range and K-series is a candybar mobile phones designed with cameras and double front. The best thing is that Sony Ericsson Software with Sony Ericsson codes are available in market and also on the internet which are free to download even from internet one can download Sony Ericsson Ringtones and music which are also free of cost to provide good and cheap entertainment to the Sony Ericsson Cell phone users. Another thing in respect to the entertainment is more advance free java games of Sony Ericsson are also available on the internet as well as in the market. All the Sony Ericsson accessories and Sony Ericsson faceplate are also available all over the world. Sony Ericsson Cell Phone is now more advances and powerful company because its first priority is to use the latest technologies and inventions in the newer coming models. To be the most prominent, prestigious, splendid and sophisticated technology provider is one of the key ambitions of Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Company.

Nokia is the most famous brand of mobiles and is used by major community all over the world and the network of nokia is spread in all around the globe, this company is more reliable in the communication field. Nokia phone started to business in 1965 and held by Fredrik Idestam than this person started his wood pulp mill. Nokia cell phone's history includes many factor and this company work very hard in our field then this company is hold the condition and pass the many milestones in his progress. Nokia cell phone is the first company in all over the world to introduce the communication device in the market and to make the many mobile phones in world very stylish design and beautiful shape and this company is make a very slim lightweight mobile from the first day of company because all like the smart and lightweight mobile the few person in the world to like the heavy things in this reason this company is make the lightweight mobiles phones. Nokia cell phone company is introduce the new brand in the market in 1984 when few people is known the heavy things so this brand is name Nokia Talkman phone this is most stylish and very beautiful in shape in the communication devices in the future time. Nokia mobile phones have many models and style so by this style Nokia is top of the communication business.

Stunning Features Of Nokia
Nokia is step by step developed in all over the world and these brands are more elastic and in this used more highly technology for this reason functions in the Nokia new models are best stylish, lightweight and used very simple and easy. The main reason for its popularity is that Nokia accessories and free Nokia software with free Nokia Ringtones are easily available to its customers. Hence it could be said that Nokia through its vast network providing best facilities to its customers. That’s because this brand is having millions of its customer all over the world that trust on quality models of Nokia mobiles with its attractive and special Nokia Ringtones highly appreciated everywhere. Actually the main purpose of Nokia cell phones is to increase communication and

Interchange information in relatively easier manners. The availability of Nokia Ringtones and Nokia games of Nokia phone makes it batter than all. Nokia games by Nokia phones are a source of real enjoyment and relaxation. The main feather of Nokia cell phone is that it provides to it customers of Nokia code, a way to protect personal and personal massages. The Nokia theme has real attraction that’s why it is set as wallpaper and Ringtones by most of the people. New and advance Nokia cell phones are facilitated with Nokia theater sound system to provide the exciting effect in your life. There is huge variety provided by Nokia cellphones that are on the top and shows that the companies wanna provide to its customers with best communication services to make itself more reliable and comfortable for present and future era.